Verse line numbers

I apologize if I’m still bothering you, but beyond 5 lines of verse, Dorico doesn’t allow you to insert more?


Are you having trouble entering more?

(Ben’s Law: Singers will always read the wrong line when there’s more than 4 verses! :rofl:)

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:pensive: But how do you do it I can’t find the instructions.

Shift-L opens the Lyrics popover for line 1. Pressing the down arrow key changes that active line, so pressing it five times should grant you access to line 6…

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Here’s the documentation for Lyric entry.

@Lillie_Harris Perhaps “how to set the verse number in the Lyrics popover” could be added to the page about Lyric Lines…?

Thank you very much!

How to navigate to other lines and types of lyrics on the popover is already described twice: on the task page, and on the popover reference page. We try to limit the number of places information is duplicated.

However, it might be worth reinstating a link to the inputting task directly from the line/verse number reference pages, to make it as easy as possible to reach the places where the instructions are given, so I’ll make a note to do that.

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Good morning Lillie, I understand and apologize for bothering you. But I was told that to change the number of the headline it was enough to click on the number and it actually happens like this, but only up to 5. I ignored the arrow procedure and thought of a limitation of Dorico.

Are you saying that you still can’t get it to go beyond 5, just by pressing the down arrow repeatedly?


Then something is wrong. I presume you’ve restarted, and tested a new document?

Can you supply the document here?

When you click the label in the popover (an affordance we added for the iPad version), it does indeed cycle around once you get to five. But there is no limit on the number of lines of lyrics you can add if you use the keyboard.