verse numbers with a rest on beat 1

Is there a way to move the verse numbers over to the right when the lyrics have a rest in beat one? I’ve included a screenshot of an example.

There isn’t at the moment, I’m afraid: they will always appear tucked in at the start of the system in this situation. Perhaps in this project it would be as well to hide the automatic verse numbers and prepend them to the first lyric in each verse? You can do that by inserting a space into the lyrics popover with Shift+Alt+Space.

Thanks, Daniel. I’m still shocked that the main developer responds to inquiries!?

For the sake of hymn projects, I hope adjustable/repressible/editable verse numbers become available in the future.

Also, I think I found a little bug related to hyphens. In verse 3, the word, “Thanksgiving”, appears. The second half of the word, “-giving”, appears at the beginning of a system (see image attached). The hyphen collides with the verse number.

In addition to the collision being avoided, it would be nice to be able to toggle hyphens at the beginning of systems on and off, both globally and locally. In this case, I’d probably choose not to have the hyphen at the beginning of the system. However, if the “-giving” part of the word appeared on beat 2 (or later) after a tied note from the previous system, the hyphen would make sense.

Yes, you’re quite right, portlandman, we will address the issue with the verse number colliding with the hyphen when we can.