Verses of song with different rhythms

I’m trying to typeset a song. The first verse, for example, sings a note as an eighth note with one word, and the second verse sings it as two words, as two sixteenths. OK, so I use the Force Duration tool to tell Dorico to tie the two sixteenth notes together without combining them, and then I select the tie and make it dashed.

But then I try to put the lyrics on. For the verse that sings it as an eight, no problem. For the verse that sings it as two sixteenths, I have a problem, as the tied sixteenths are treated as visual only and the lyrics only attach to the real note.

I use non-breaking spaces to get around this. Sometimes this works. Sometimes it’s terrible visually.

Any advice on how to best handle this?


You need to add the alternate rhythm in downstem voice 2, then add the lyrics to THAT voice. You can then delete the notes, and the lyrics will remain.

You could also try applying the lyrics before adding the tie.