Version 1.1.82 - lsb msb

Glad to see you restored the msb and lsb next to the program change! Optimal! Unfortunately, however, they don’t work in the sense that if I activate the msb and lsb layer from within and set the program change, nothing changes, while if I use the previous method, i.e. I go to set them from the layer menu, then everything works correctly, it’s as if setting the msb and lsb inside the layer , in the array (the one referring to the menu… stays off on msb lsb) possibly causing it to not work. Thank you

The items in the Layer are not visually updated when you change LSB and/or MSB in the Layer Controller Map, which we will of course fix, but if I then change PGM CHG, Bank Select LSB/MSB and PGM CHG are all sent correctly.

What do you mean by “from within”? Could you explain step by step what you do, and what happens or doesn’t happen as expected?