Version 1.7.0 of "TOOLS for CC121" - Download Page Mistakes

There are problems on the CC121 download page:

  1. No PC version of 1.7 is available, although it is described as available, clearly. (Mac version is present.)

  2. Spelling mistakes: “Installation Guidev”, “Januar”, “Dezember”

Not sure what you mean here. There is no Windows update as this update was about the Mac 64-bit support.

Indeed… fixed! Thanks!

Hi Ed,

Wow … fast response on the spelling! Just thought I’d point it out.

Re: the versions … I see now. My eyes are trained to seeing a version number advance for all platforms, normally.

The v 1.7.0 does state “…for Mac OS X” - apologies for this oversight.

Feel free to delete this thread if you want as it’s minor and partly mistaken on my part.