Version 3.0 documentation published (EN)

Good afternoon everyone!

In a very pleasant development, I’m delighted to say that at least some documentation for this new version of Dorico is available today (English). As many of you will appreciate, the fast pace of development meant not everything could be documented ready for release, and not all screenshots have been updated, so bear with me whilst the switchover gets done. However, a decent number of the major features are and are available here:

Dorico 3 Pro - PDF | Webhelp
Dorico 3 Elements - PDF | Webhelp

You can also reach the manuals by following the options directly from the website

I hope this is useful as you start to explore the amazing new features added to Dorico by my fabulous colleagues, and I will keep you posted as to when updates are made to the documentation.

(Pro tip: there is now a New features list at the start of the manual, which points you towards the biggest updates in Dorico 3)

Brava Lillie :slight_smile:

Great, thanks!

Thanks Lillie.

From the length of time the PDF is taking to download, Lillie, you and your team have clearly done an enormous amount of work already.
Many thanks!

Hi Lillie, not sure if this is the right place to mention this, but there’s a tiny typo in the Version History document (downloaded with the Steinberg Download Assistant) on page 42: “drop-dpwn”.
Cheers on the Dorico 3 release though!

Is there a time schedule for the foreign language manuals?

The Dorico 2.x documentation in German, French, Spanish and Italian is tantalisingly close to release (we’ve been working with additional translators to try to accelerate the timeline) but not quite. That will be published as soon as possible. The Dorico 3 documentation is not yet complete in English, but the localised versions will follow as soon as is practical after Lillie has made some more headway on the English documentation.

Thanks, Daniel - good news!

Terrific, many thanks.

Looked at the section on Expression Maps and it still shows the v2 screens…

Lillie did say in her initial post in this thread:

…and not all screenshots have been updated…

Please bear with us while the documentation is completed. The Version History provides complete documentation for all of the new features and changes brought to Dorico 3 in the meantime.

Standing Ovation…

Great - looking forward to diving into it!

Excellent. Many thanks.

Quick note from me to say I’ve just published an update to the Dorico 3 manuals for both Pro and Elements.

Big new chunks in this update are:

  • Chord diagrams - new chapter in Notation reference, just after chord symbols
  • Guitar bends - new chapter in Notation reference, info about inputting them in Write mode
  • Playing technique continuation lines and groups of playing techniques - in the existing Playing techniques chapter in Notation reference, with updated inputting info in Write mode
  • Playback templates/custom endpoint configurations - I’ve overhauled these bits of Play mode to match changes in v3, including updating the Expression/Percussion maps references
  • Dorico concepts - thanks to this coming up either here or in the facebook group recently, I realised there was some scope for additions & improvements in this early chapter - do read through the updated ‘children’ of this linked topic!
  • Page formatting (Pro manual) - what was previously “Page layouts” within Engrave mode now has its own chapter, now called “page formatting” (as after deliberation I realised “page layouts” could be construed as another type of layout, which was not what I meant). This new chapter contains an updated introduction, which hopefully serves as a better pointer for where to go next, and an initial list of tasks: these should get you most of the way to correctly/well-formatted layouts. After these tasks are subsections for reference, with further information and more detailed tasks, like moving individual staves/notes in Engrave mode. (In the Elements manual, this is still in the “Layout and formatting” chapter but is also called “Page formatting”)

In typical fashion, going through the manual to get all the links together has given me a few ideas for more small improvements, which I will endeavour to publish lickity-spit. Hopefully along with the remaining bits of v3 that need documentation/updating! Ever onwards, folks :slight_smile:

Thank you Lillie, these updates are great.


Are these updated PDF manuals available via the SDA, or does one need to download the manuals from the Steinberg site?
(I didn’t see a link for the complete revised manuals in Lillie’s post.)

You can find them online, where you will always find the most up-to-date manuals - Dorico Pro PDF, Dorico Pro webhelp | Dorico Elements PDF, Dorico Elements webhelp

(The document in the SDA is the Version History)

Many thanks to you and the team for this. I realise just what an enormous task this was and it will be incredibly helpful!