Version comparison by packed sounds and FX

Hey, after buying a Master Keyboard, which I played using a friends notebook with Cubase Pro, I need my own version of Cubase now.

On the compare editions site it only gives a total number of sounds that come with the different versions (I’m going for either Elements or Artist here)
This does not help.
What I know from my past playing around is that I like the “Warm Piano” sound in Halion Sonic 3, and I need to know which Cubase to choose to get that included (or possibly other high quality piano sounds, if you can recommend some?).
Next to that I liked paying around with audio effects a little bit. So far, I used pitch correct (for singing, which is only for fun and would be just a tiny benefit) and audio distortion.
Midi compressor would be a nice to have, but from the comparison page I understand that definitely not included in Elements. And this alone certainly not worth +200€ for Artist over Elements.

I spent the past 2 hours trying to get that overview over which sounds&effects come packed with the different versions of Cubase but wasn’t able to. How can that be so hard, am I so stupid?

Also, I’m probably going to buy an e-drumset the next weeks, so good sounds/recommendations for that would be appreciated too (or: starting what version they are included)

So in compact, what I need:

  • good piano/e-drum sounds
  • (electric guitar-like) audio distortion sound effect
    just a good overview over what those “Pro / Artist / Basic Set” mentioned in the comparison is, and specifically which sounds and effects come included with the different Cubase versions.

Any link, pdf or opinion/other clarification appreciated,

As far as I know the specific differences between the various VSTi content sets isn’t documented (at least not publicly). But you can see in the chart that going from Artist to Elements more than doubles the available instrument (>1000 to >2600). I only have PRO so can’t tell you if the specific piano sound you liked is included in Elements or Artist - perhaps someone who has those will comment.

I did find this thread of the differences in Halion you might find useful.

However I wouldn’t let the included sounds drive your decision too much. This is because there are tons of good quality third party instrument sounds readily available - ranging in price from free to modestly priced to arm-and-a-leg. KVR Audio has a database of VSTi/sounds that is a good place to find free/cheap plugs.

You can see from the Effects section of the chart that most of the amp & distortion plugs are in all versions, so that should be covered. And again you can find additional effects at KVR.

Also Steinberg usually (no guarantee) has an upgrade sale late-summer/early fall. So you could get Elements now, use if for awhile to see what you find lacking in it and then upgrade if you want to a bigger version with the sale.