I am running “Dorico 2” demo version on a MacBook Pro Retina under 10.14.
Many of the options / shortcuts / pages I see in demos are missing from my version.
Could I be running “Elements” unknowingly.
In the /Applications folder it’s called Dorico 2 and weighs in at 363.7 Mo, but, as an example, when I try to open the chords dialog to alter / create new chords, nothing !



Look for “About Dorico”. I think it’s either on the Help menu or (on mac) on the Dorico menu in the top left corner.

There’s only one Dorico 2 application, and it runs either as Elements or Pro depending on which license is present.

An easy way to tell Dorico Elements and Dorico Pro apart is that Dorico Pro has a big button for “Engrave” in the set of mode buttons at the top left corner of the window. Elements only has four buttons there, while Pro has five.

Thank you Daniel, Elements only has four buttons there, while Pro has five, for this answer. Now I know why there is no Engrave Button it is not clear in the Operation Manual.

In the meantime I have purchased Dorico Pro, and I can use Engraved mode. Beautiful
thanks again for your explanation Daniel.