i have now tested cubase and using the free trial version on both my mac and my pc. So is there a way to get a multiple license so i can install same cubase software on both my mac and my pc?

i want cubase 7 the elements version

You’d have to get the hardware lock even for Elements to do that.

Then you can move the lock as authorizing on any computer.
So there are no multiple licenses.

There is another topic not far away where Navarete explained this.

and when buying that and the cubase software and the hardware unlocker is it best to go into my local
store in Denmark or is ther an international store so i can buy it directly via steinbergs own e store?
what is smartest in my case ?

If your trial will expire within a few days - local store maybe.

Otherwise online ordering as pretty quick.

yes my local store only has the software not the
hardware unlockers.

so do u have a link to a store where i can get the
hardware unlockers ?

Steinberg store does, as well as where I buy most stuff.

u mean this one to unlock it right via my usb?

Yes, that’s it.

Or just go to your local 4sound shop.