versions and backups

I may be doing something wrong but I am not getting the results I am expecting on versions and backups. While working on a file xxx.cpr, cubase occasionally creates a backup; xxx-01.bak, xxx-02.bak etc. and this is good. While working I routinely hit cntl-s (windows 10) to save my work. What I find is that Cubase sometimes creates a version file xxx-01.cpr and deletes my original file so I no longer have xxx.cpr on my disk. This is certainly not what I want. I never asked for a new version and didn’t want it. And, even if I did want a new version, I certainly didn’t want to delete my original. Is this a bug or did I screw something up? Thanks.

most of the time when i see some “xxx-01.cpr” without hitting the “save as new version” is when cubase had a little crash (not crashing to desktop, but says “cubase occurs a problem” message") then cubase will transform a “save” to “save new version” to avoid problem due to the bug in the project file.

dunno if its your case though :wink:

I’ve had this happen. But it never deleted the xxx.cpr, it just created a new additional file.

yeah thats what i was thinking about too. Thats weird that the original file was deleted indeed.

eyh, I figured out something, I found myself with a project where the original file has been removed and some “02” and “03” files have been created…in that project got a kontakt track that wasnt playin no sound after loading back the project… duplicated the track and the duplicate plays the sound.
tried to erase the track “muted” and now cubase is freezing.

so maybe thts kontakt the culprit.
were you using kontakt in your project ?