Versions of a score in Dorico

IS it possible to have versions of a score in Dorico, like in Sibelius.

Key commands
Save as new version
create a key command (I use control S on my Mac)

Depends on exactly what you mean by ‘versions’ and how you prefer to work.

You can save iterations by using the ‘save as’ command, but those will be separate files.

Alternatively (and arguably the more proper “dorico way” to do this) you could duplicate your flow each time you want to make a new version / change. Depending on your needs, you can then un-assign the flows you no longer want to engrave from your layout, or just set each flow to “start on a new page” in layout options and apply page number changes if necessary to correct the numbering which would be skewed by having multiple flows of the same music in the same layout.

I used to use an app called ForeverSave2 on macOS, which managed the saving of separate versions, all date-stamped and browsable, for any specified applications, to a time interval.

I’m sure there are similar Windows apps.

I think I remember that feature from when I mained Sibelius. I’m pretty sure the most comparable feature would be to add a new Full Score layout from the Setup tab, seen here:

From here, you can add the instruments you want, change notation options, etc. and keep all those changes local to that layout without adjusting other layouts.

An example would be a booth score vs a conductors score for a scoring session, or a libretto vs a pit score for a musical, or a show score vs a directors score for marching band. Or even just have a score/part on a different size of paper.

Try that out, and I think that’ll be more of what you’re looking for, and this will keep all of your note inputs the same between versions, but just have those versions of the score look different.

You can also do this with Instrumental parts and even a fully customizable score layout featuring any combination of instruments, measures, etc.

It’s also worth noting that all Layout options are scoped to just that layout (I know: shocking!), so this can work to your benefit in your use case!

TL:DR: check the bottom right of the setup page. It’s your friend!

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Thanks for your suggestions!

Ok, great, and I can use different layout names for my PDF. Thanks!

“Save as version” and “Save snippet” is two features I really miss from Sibelius