Vertical alignment of dynamics in an orchestral score

Dynamics in an orchestral score are sometimes misaligned for me. In my sample the f in Flute 1 is too close to the bottom line of the staff (although the setting in Engraving options is at 1 1/2 spaces). In Flute 2 the dynamics are not at the same vertical position although they are grouped.

As far as I can see, this misalignment only appears in scores with multiple staves. In a Piano score everythings works as expected.

Am I missing some setting or what’s going wrong here?


For test purposes, I set the gap between dynamics and the following staff or systen to 0 in Layout options. But it didn’t help.

If someone wants to have a look into my preferences, here’s the Dorico file.

Dynamics (297 KB)

Thomas, I’m having problems extracting your ZIP file - it does not produce a Dorico file, just several oddly formatted files. Could you try again?


I haven’t looked at the reported issue itself, but the zip file is just a renamed .dorico file. Rename it back to .dorico, it should open as is.

Thanks, Stefan - that’s the trick.

Thomas, try these settings:

If I’m not mistaken the ‘Minimum distance below staff’ sets the distance between the staff and the baseline of the dynamic. The picture is a little misleading.
As for the hairpin: adjust your settings to make sure that hairpins and immediate dynamics are aligned when they appear directly below the system.

Thank you, Florian.
I thought I was using the default values; but I it seems that I changed them some time ago.
It works for me with your suggested values.