Vertical alignment of rehearsal mark text in circles

I’ve changed rehearsal marks to show numbers in circles and changed the font of the rehearsal mark text to Myriad Pro. Unfortunately this caused the numbers to be off-center, and I don’t see any way to change either the line height/leading of the text or the padding/alignment of the circles. Is there any way to fix the alignment of text inside rehearsal mark circles?

Unfortunately not: in order to provide a consistent appearance with fonts where letter forms proceed below the baseline, Dorico uses the metrics of the font rather than the tight bounding rectangle of the glyph to determine the size of the enclosure, and clearly Myriad has metrics that are incompatible with that approach.

Thanks for the quick reply, Daniel. But couldn’t it be a “solution” to let the user specify a custom line height/leading so that they have at least some control over it?