Vertical alignment of text in text frames?

Hi folks,

would you mind helping me out with this:

How do I vertically align text in text frames?
In a text frame I’ve created I want the {@playerlist@} token to fill up the text frame from top to bottom - but not starting from the centre.

By default the text is filling the text box from the centre like this;

What am I missing?

Here are the steps for changing the vertical alignment of text in text frames :slight_smile:

Ahhh! Thanks Lillie!
I’m still not used to the properties panel and the fact that a lot of features are hidden there…

As Lillie pointed out you can easily just set the alignment to Top if you want. Be aware though, there is a bug where any time you edit the contents of the frame, Dorico resets the alignment to Center, even if you have previously specified another alignment. You likely will need to reset the alignment to Top when you make edits.

The issue you describe here, Todd, was fixed in Dorico 3.0.10.

Daniel, I still see the Centre Vertical bug: The alignment will revert to Centre the next time I edit the contents of the frame.

That’s not my experience, Ben. Please provide some steps to reproduce that problem and I’ll look into it.

Yeah it’s still broken for me too. 3.0.10.

Same as before: double click on a frame to edit it (using the frame tool), and when I exit out, it centers.

Yep, it still exists for me in Windows 10.

  1. New Document. (Add players)
  2. Edit First Master Page.
  3. Select ‘Lyricist’ Text Frame and change Vertical Aliment to Top. (De-select frame.)
  4. Edit the text of the Frame.

When you exit the frame, the Vertical Alignment will re-set to Center.

Also, it’s variable whether the properties panel remains still visible when you double click on a frame to edit it.

This bug still exists for me too. Running the latest version of Dorico on Windows 10.

Right, I see what you mean. The problem is fixed for editing text in a frame in a layout, but not in the master page editor. We’ll make sure this case is handled in the next update as well.