Vertical justification - syntax error?

Hello Dorico users
I’m experiencing not a little frustration with the vertical justification function and the whole business of verticle layout. Let me address the issues one at a time and start with a question about the text.
In Layout Options > Vertical Justification, it says

Justify distance only between systems when frame is at least XX% full

Is there a syntax error here. Is “only” in the wrong place. Should it actually read…

Justify distance between systems > only > when frame is at least XX% full

That way it at least makes sense. It doesn’t make much sense to me the way it currently stands.

No: it means justify only between systems and not between staves.

If the music on the page fills more than that X%, then the staves take the Ideal Gap values, and then the systems are positioned to fill the print area.

I tend to keep that value at 100%, so that staves are always spread out as well the system gaps. It generally needs to be larger than the ‘staves and systems’ value, as otherwise the ‘only systems’ takes precedence.

I then set the ‘staves and systems’ value to 60%, so that anything lower than that doesn’t get justified at all.

Thanks Benwiggy. That’s good to know.

Heres my handy guide to Vertical Justification, if that helps at all.