Vertical line against rest

The manual states:

Vertical lines exist at a single rhythmic position and are positioned relative to notes, chords or rests at that position.

But you can’t put a line against a solo rest, so that is somewhat misleading, in a way.

Here’s a thread with a lot of workarounds for this limitation, and a request to make it possible.

Before I tag this with a feature request tag, is it in the worklist for feature requests?

[On a related note it would be good if we forum users making feature requests could perhaps access a page showing the list so as to avoid duplication etc. I suppose that’s a Steinberg feature request :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ]

Can’t you sort the list of topics for the Feature Request tag? That would certainly narrow things down (a little).

To be more clear, presumably feature requests are accepted or rejected. It’s the list of accepted feature requests that I’d like to be able to see.

I doubt it’s as binary as that. Daniel’s recent statements seem to suggest there are perhaps many hundreds of items on their ‘possible developments’ list. I doubt any suggestion is rejected out of hand.

Then would still like to see the list of FR’s.