Vertical line with callout text?

Hello all,

I’m trying to annotate notes in a generic staff not assigned to any instrument. What Id like to do is denote the notes as played by a specific instrument.

Here’s what I’m trying to end up with:


I was able to attach vertical lines to notes, but am unable to figure out how to attach horizontal text to the left of the line in the center.

Does anyone know who to do this?

I would create a text item at the same place you anchored the line, and end it with an em dash. Then manually drag it to the desired position. It will likely move with the line if both are anchored at the same staff and rhythmic position.


Why not simply move the notes to the treble staff?

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This is very much a workaround to simulate something which Dorico does not yet provide for in a more elegant manner, but it worked for me.

In Write mode

Select the notes
Add the vertical line and leave it selected
Open Properties
Activate Text and enter “Clarinets —” followed by many non-breaking spaces (I used 21, but this might differ for you).
Activate Keep text horizontal
Go to Library > Font Styles… > Vertical line font - adjust the font size and style to suit your taste. I changed the whatever the default setting was to 7 pt. bold.

In Engrave mode (with the line selected)

Activate Avoid collisions, but do not click in the check box
Adjust the value of Erasure padding T and Erasure padding B. I used -1/2.
Adjust the Top offset X and the Bottom offset X - they need to be the same value, otherwise the line will not be vertical anymore. I used a value of 7. You might find dragging the line to be easier - the values will automatically be updated. The same applies if any vertical adjustment is needed

Once you have done one, you should be able to copy and paste it to other locations. Some adjustment will very likely be necessary.

Callout.dorico (595.4 KB)

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Y’all are amazing! Thank you for the ideas, and especially the dorico file with a prototype!

I thought I’d share… I found an alternate way to do this that might also work. I made a custom playing technique with the name of the instrument and applied it to the notes. I like this as well because it allows me to have a dotted line along the notes to specify for how long that instrument is attached to those notes and I can have multiple instruments attached to the notes in different places. I’d thought about this before, but had forgotten about it.

Nice Steven.