Vertical lines panel omits some lines

This is my vertical lines panel:

It’s missing the 2 right pointing hooks, and it has lots of empty space to the right. This line exists in my lines definitions. It’s just not there when creating lines in the panel. And, as it’s not there, I have no clue how to create it! Is this a bug?

EDIT: The line is actually there, is the first item in the 3rd row, but that row is invisible. I cannot scroll down. I can just click the top part of it, and it’s the only item in that row.

Is is still like this when you restart? Are all documents affected? Are you using a custom music font?

It’s a new installation of Dorico (I’m using my mother’s computer during holiday, since is mightier than mine, with a trial license). Restarting Dorico does not solve it, opening a stock score does still show the problem and the only thing I can think of is that the interface is localized in Spanish (I didn’t bother to change it to English).
However, now I’ve changed the interface to English and the problem is gone. Lines show up, the extra space to the right is gone, and the 3rd row is again visible. It looks like a localization bug.

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