Vertical lines : text with line break


I have seen in the video about lines something that I’m struggling to do : having a line break in the text accompanying a vertical line (see image ; it’s where it says “This note is [line break] important”.

I can’t find a way to create this line break. I’ve already tried to copy a line break from text Edit or Word, but to no avail. How did you do it?

Thank you in advance!



Screenshot 2021-09-20 at 10.37.45|690x299

I’ve had a bit of a “play” with the various attributes which can be altered in Properties, as well as copying and pasting from Word and TextEdit and even a hex editor. It appears that having a line break in line-attached text is not possible as it seems to be treated as a white space character. Unless somebody finds a way, you might have to settle for entering the text as normal staff-attached text and remember to move it with the line if you decide to re-position it.

Thank you for your reply!

Ok I’ll use normal text. I find vertical lines quite difficult to use… I’ve also had issues when copy/paste a vertical line, sometimes it just didn’t paste (though in the “undo” section it says “undo add item”, so it must be somewhere invisible…)

Maybe the new release will address some of these problems! When, O Lord, when is the new version coming!!!

Hi Nico,

Yes, indeed I am using staff-attached text alongside the line item. Once positioned in Engrave mode, Dorico keeps the two items together as you edit the music.


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Thanks Anthony for your reply! I’ll try that!



If you build your text as a Line Annotation you can stack as many lines of text as you like. They can even be different fonts, sizes and styles.

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I’m sorry Pianoleo but I can’t figure out how to build the text as Line annotation…

Here you go:


Thank you!
This will definitely work!

Sorry, I should’ve clocked you wanted vertical lines. The same stuff applies though :slight_smile: