Vertical monitor display?

Good afternoon everyone:

I had a discussion on Facebook with someone about Dorico, who mentioned that one advantage which Sibelius currently still has over Dorico, is that Sibelius allows you to tilt your monitor 90 degrees so you can have a large orchestral score on one vertically tilted large monitor screen. Some people like that as it allows to see all instruments at once if you’re working on a very large score.

Is that still the case? I can’t test it myself as all my screens are horizontal.


Yes, I use two 27" monitors, one horizontal and one vertical. The vertical display is great, as you say for large scores, and even for a large size page view of a part. I often have the engrave view open on the horizontal, and the write view open on the vertical screen so that I can move the little boxes for slurs etc on the horizontal and see them update in real time on the page view, without those boxes getting in the way.

I would think this is not a function of the program but of the monitor. I have an HP w2408 that can be tilted, and I have to change the settings in the OSs system preferences in order to rotate the viewport (and/or select the primary monitor, if multiple are attached). Some monitors might even do the rotation automatically. But that’s nothing in which Dorico or Sibelius have a part.

I’ve been able to have Dorico on a portrait display since the beginning. As you say, it makes it easier to see whole (portrait) pages at once. I can do the same thing with Sibelius, Word, Acrobat Reader - anything that runs on Windows and responds to changing window sizes. This has never been an advantage Sibelius has had over Dorico.

Oh … thanks for the feedback.