Vertical positioning of keyboard sections


I’ve noticed that if I add a keyboard, like a Keyboard or Synthesizer, as a section instead of an instrument, the staff name is vertically aligned to top, instead of center.

Is there a reason for this? I’m sorry if I’ve never had a chance to use something like this.

I could simply use the same instruments as solo, instead of section, but I would like to use them to host ensemble instruments, and not solo instruments, so I would have liked to have them, more logically, as section.


Hi Paolo !
This is rather strange… Are you absolutely sure you haven’t used the enter key after entering the keyboard staff name in the Edit Names window?

Marc, you can see the default positioning in the attached image. I have not edited the default names.

In Engrave mode names are correctly centered, but in Setup and Write mode they are not.


It only does this in galley view, not in page view. I have no idea why!

It isn’t anything to do with editing names. Just create an empty project and add a piano section instrument (section, not solo).

Thanks for the picture! You’re right, this has nothing to do with the name editor… I guess someone from the team could explain that behavior.

Most importantly, what is in Print Mode?

Like in Engrave mode, it is fine.


This has always been the case for me. Same with Choir Reduction. I recall it coming up a long time ago on the forum, don’t remember the answer. Anyways, it’s fine in Page View.

This is a little bug, which we’ll fix when we get a chance.