Vertical Rule In MixConsole

I have a huge problem with ‘eye tracking’ in MixConsole. I literally lose track (no pun) of which control is part of which track. I want a vertical rule which flows down each each ‘rack’ clearly marking off each track.

The attached piccie is just for discussion. Obviously it’s ugly, but you get the idea… Just having these rules draws my eye instantly to the track I want to focus on.



Yes Please !!!

No thanks… that does look completely ugly and yes, I get the idea…! I hate the idea. I’m perfectly ok with navigating around in the MixConsole as it is - I’ve got used to it…

seems to me you don´t… :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

has in most cases different users have different preferences.would be great to have an option to adjust the intensity of those"border lines" from preferences.
also to adjust the intensity for selected channels

Oh yes I do…! Ho, ho, ho…!! :slight_smile: (pantomime season).

IMV, this proposal would make the overall ‘look’ ugly, messy and cramped - however subtle/faint the lines are drawn.

And off we go…

Reaper anyone…? A perfectly fine DAW with a gazillion preferences, customisable skins, etc… if thats what you want.

Reaper? No! but more customizable Gui for MC and overall look would be good idea.
If there is one thing from reaper I want,is the mix scenes or whatever it’s called. And undo for mixing!! But that’s another topic))