Vertical scroll in Score Editor

Hello folks
Freshly upgraded from Cubase 5, and I’ve just finished setting up my basic orchestral template.
But when I got to Score Editor there is no vertical scroll bar along the right of the screen. I have over a hundred tracks and the list obviously extends off the bottom of the screen. I went to scroll down but found no scroll bar. Well there is a scroll bar but no actual moveable segment that you can interact with. Similarly, mousewheel does not affect vertical scrolling.
What am I doing wrong here? I’m sure it’s something very obvious!

I have a full score here but cannot access anything lower than Oboes!



Sounds like you are in Page Mode and the size of your staves exceeds the length of the page. Switch to Edit Mode to see If that’s the case.

There are scroll bars, of course.

No, I’m definitely in Edit Mode. ‘Page Mode’ in the ‘Scores’ dropdown at the top is unchecked. :frowning:

Can you post a screen shot?


As you can see the scroll bar is there on the right, but there’s no moveable section within it. (Compared to the horizontal scroll bar where you can see the dark-grey moveable section at the far left.)
Also the up/down arrows at either end of the vertical scroll bar do nothing.
If I use the cursor arrow down key I can select each stave right down to double basses, but the screen will not scroll down in accordance with the selected stave.

Any ideas!?

Right, I’ve experimented a bit.
My template has 130 tracks/staves. As I have already said if I open Score Editor with all 130 tracks selected, I have no option to vertically scroll. BUT if I select any number of staves up to and including 127, then when I open the Score Editor I am able to scroll vertically throughout the full score.
Of course 127 is one of those midi-ish numbers. But I’m sure I’ve heard of people having more than 127 tracks in Cubase.
Is there a hidden setting somewhere?
It’s really frustrating that the cutoff is just 3 tracks short of my template total!


I’ve just had even worse than that here on Mac (Cubase 8.0.30)…
I quickly set up a score with 32 staves, each with an empty Part of 100 bars.
When I opened it in the Score Editor (here, Page Mode, by default), and swapped over to Edit Mode, it was fine, with the vertical scrollbar working ok, but…
as soon as I moved the horizontal scroll bar, all the staves disappeared apart from the first one!
Fixed by switching over to Page Mode then back again. (seems to happen every time here).

Hm… looks like two different things to me.

I can confirm that with 126 staves all staves are visible and scroll-able- add one more staff and only what fits in the window is shown and there is no way to scroll the content. I’ll submit a bug report.

Vic- I can’t repro here… Mac only?

Thanks Steve

So it’s a reproducible issue.
Any idea what I can do about it?!
On the Cubase 8 spec page it proudly declares that it can have ‘Unlimited Midi Tracks’. But to have this weird ‘8bity’ limitation when trying to work with more than 126 in the Score Editor seems ludicrous!
Any help would be vastly welcome!



PS - thanks for submitting a bug report! :slight_smile:

Your welcome. In the meantime just stop writing for anything below oboe on the page. Really, who is going to miss a few fiddles anyway? :wink:

Exactly! :slight_smile:

But on the subject of this bug report, how good are Steinberg at addressing things like this?

It is such a silly little thing, but it rather throws a spanner in the works of my workflow.

Generally pretty good, but there are exceptions! It mainly depends on how much of a showstopper it is, and if it’s reproducible in all installations.

I’m away from my DAW for the time being, but does anyone know if any recent updates have fixed this issue?



I’ll be back to my DAW in a few days so I’ll be able to see for myself, but if anyone could let me know in advance that’d be great!
This is probably too small a problem for Steinberg to really bother with, but from my little point of view it’s a bit irritating!
So - anyone?



It’s fixed in 8.5.10. However: there is a 127 staff limit now.

Thanks Steve, that’s good to know.
Do you have any idea why?
People regularly have projects with hundreds of tracks. Admittedly, probably only a few of them spend most of their time in the Score Editor, but still it’s a frustrating limitation! (For lil old me anyway!)

Och well.


I really have no idea. But this limit has existed for a long time, at least since Cubase 7, which is the oldest version I have on my machine.

I personally would not need the same number of staves as I have tracks though. How unwieldy it would seem to scroll through so many staves. You would have to have a staff for every violin player, violist and cellist and bassist, in addition to the rest of the orchestra to get up to 127, n’est pas?

Yeah, it is unwieldy! :slight_smile: In fact I’d often have more staves than there are players in a section.
For example often you’ll get just two oboe players in an orchestra but my template has 6 oboe staves: Oboe Legato, Oboe Sustain, Oboe Shorts, Oboe Whole Tone Trill, Oboe Half Tone Trill, Oboe Runs.
… but I’ve got used to doing things this way. And I don’t like keyswitches because I like to blend etc.

My old EWQL Symphony Orchestra template had about 80 staves, and beyond the unwieldiness I never ran into any problems.

But building my new Hollywood Orchestra template things just rather expanded.

Oh well. Maybe it’s time for me to explore the Expression Maps route! :slight_smile:


I hear you. Have you attempted to use polyphony and different channels within a given midi track?

This would put all the articulations in the same staff, but in different voices. You could have a two staff track, with the same clef/trans on both…

Very interesting you should mention that as I have indeed been thinking about it!
I have tried it before but in a much earlier version of Cubase (5, I think) - and it didn’t work.
The problem I found was that when I drew in a CC curve in the key editor that curve would only apply to midi channel 1. So of all the multichannel notes in the piano role, only those on channel 1 would be affected by the curve. I could not find a way for the curve to apply to whatever notes were above it (on the screen in Key Editor) regardless of the channel. So that ruled out that method for me.
Is this still the case do you think?