Vertical scroll/zoom with mouse

There’s a horizontal zoom with the scroll wheel but not a vertical one. I know we can hit Shift+G/H but having something tied to the scroll wheel would be very helpful to speed up workflow.

We currently have:
Scroll = track list moves up and down
Shift+scroll = track list moves left and right
command+scroll = track list zooms horizontally

What I’m proposing we add to complete all possibilities is:
option+scroll/command+shift+scroll = track list zooms vertically

not in general… it depends on the workflow
many need other things tied to the mouse wheel…

and of course it depends where you point the mouse… what happens…

… I think it’s fair to assume if you’ve got one shortcut tied to the scrool wheel adding an additional key to do something similar would be the next logical step. Something like Command+scroll for horizontal and command+option+scroll for vertical or even option+scroll.
If that’s such a contradictory thing to your workflow then maybe having the option to select which key is used for the alternate zooming.

the mouse wheel scrolls up and down by default… that’s what I like to have…

… right… no one’s arguing that… I’m saying now you currently have:
Scroll = timeline moves up and down
Shift+scroll = timeline moves left and right
command+scroll = timeline zooms horizontally

What I’m proposing we add to complete all possibilities is:
option+scroll/command+shift+scroll = timeline zooms vertically

No… the track view scrolls up and down, nothing zooms…
Hover the mouse over the zoom sliders to zoom in and out with the wheel without using any additional keys

now you’re just being difficult… you’re right. I meant track list and not timeline. Everything else is correct though. The missing key combination for zooming is vertical zooming since horizontal zooming is already implemented and so is panning. Not sure why you’re so against adding something that would complete a featureset. Do you not use shortcut keys at all? What do you have against adding another? This is a feature request, not a “find slightly longer ways to do things” thread. I could move my mouse to the sliders each time I want to zoom, but zooming is something I do often enough to where I don’t want to have to move my mouse to a small 10 pixel UI to zoom.

Zooming with a key and scroll wheel will always be faster than going to a corner and getting your mouse just right over the UI and scrolling.

Your first post wasn’t very clear on that… it suggested that you like to have things changed completely… that’s why I answered “not in general”
I do use shortcuts regularly

Not sure how since the first line’s context is existing shortcuts and adding a similar one to complete that featureset. Regardless, I’ll edit my original post in case anyone else gets confused.

now they get confused about the conversation at all :wink:

and what you mean with track list zooms vertical? Track height, waveform display?

If you read the command list and context and are half familiar with Cubase you should be able to figure out what I mean. There’s no need to nitpick and create problems where there aren’t any :wink: