Vertical start of different systems


I wonder if its possible to set the beginnings of systems with different instrument-abbreviations on the same page in the same vertical row.
Respectively that the systems-starting-line and not the longest abbreviation define the horizontal gap to the page-margin. I can move the systems manually but in this case I move the system separator lines too. (I hope it’s the correct translation - I mean the two double lines between systems) They seem connected to the systems.

If it’s standard in layouting that in those cases the systems start on different positions on the page, I’m fine. (I really don’t know) But for my eyes it looks quite messy :wink:

Thanks in advance!

In Layout options, there’s a setting to add an indent on the left of the systems (minimum indent, IIRC) which allows you to achieve what you want.
Or make sure that the instrument with the longest name is active in both systems!

(( Yep - it’s in Layout Options/Staves and Systems/Staff Labels - “minimum indent for systems with staff labels” ))

Thank you! Funny thing is: I found this option before I asked here. Just didn’t set the value high enough for any result and thought that it would be the wrong option for my goals. Anyway, thanks @ both of you. Solved :wink: