Vertical waveform zoom shortcut?


I know you can use the slider in the upper right corner in the arrangement view, but when I look in the manual, it seems like this is the only way to increase waveform height?

Is it really true there is no way of assigning a shortcut or mouse wheel to this function?

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I think there is no shortcut for that. I did spent some time to find it so that i can include that on my control surface without success.

Hopefully for next version.

that is really very sad for ones workflow … It is really a nice feature in pro tools / reaper when doing a lot of editing!

Agree. I miss this shortcut very often. It would be even more conviniece to use mouse wheel .

I too have looked many times for this. I use this all the time in Pro Tools cmd+option+[ and ] zoom waveform and cmd+shift[ and ] zoom MIDI events and then on the Icon you can do the same with the wheel and it is very smooth (no MIDI zoom though). What I love is you can actually also go smaller and cmd+option+ctrl+[ returns you to your default value. Cubendo only goes larger which for the most part is more often what I need.

This Sound on Sound article lead me to think there was a shortcut.

“I’ve set these as Option-G and Option-H on my Mac, so that the ‘G’ and ‘H’ keys control both horizontal zoom (without the Option key) and vertical zoom (with the Option key). Of course, you could similarly use shortcuts to increase or reduce the height of the waveform within an event.”

Agree. I miss this shortcut very often. It would be even more conviniece to use mouse wheel .

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The most needed shortcut for post production work



Use it dozens if not hundreds of times a day.

Has this been added yet?



Also (modifier)+mouse wheel = vertical zoom

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You can do this with a Eucon transport wheel, but who wants to use Eucon…is there a way to do this without Eucon?

Need this feature badly

Anyone know how to do this with Lemur?



On a Mac using Cubase 8.5 Pro -
Horizontal zoom = Hold command and use mouse scroll wheel
Vertical zoom = Hold command+option and use mouse scroll wheel

The shortcut exists now ALT + G/H