Vertical zoom in/out with mouse wheel ?

Hello everyone, feeling kinda stupid here.

Mouse wheel allows me to :

  • Scroll vertically
  • Scroll horizontally (Shift)
  • Zoom in/out horizontally (Ctrl)

How on earth can I get it to Zoom in/out vertically ? With the Alt key for example.

I am pretty sure I could do this before but can’t remember in which Nuendo version tho (from 2 to 5)

Thanks for your help


There may be other ways, but I usually grab the top track name box bottom edge, with Alt key down, drag it up or down. This re-sizes all tracks. I assume this is what you mean by vertical zooming.


I have wished for this feature forever. To me it makes logical sense that

  • Zoom vertical (Alt-wheel) would be incredibly handy, a time saver, a no brainer.

Alt-mouse-wheel is not doing anything now except duplicate your first, Scroll vertical.

Nuendo is great

+1 Pretty much every other DAW on the planet has this - except Nuendo. Their ideas of dragging down on the timeline etc etc just make zero sense.

Same with the lack of CTRL-Mouse Drag to zoom to an area on the timeline. Again - standard fare in almost every other apps - but not Nuendo… sigh.


Well in Cubase do the following and maybe will work for Nuendo as well?:

  1. File / key commands (top left)
  2. In Commands list, scroll down to Zoom in vertically
  3. Press the key combination you would like to use (I used option + Z)
  4. Click on assign…bingo! And when you zoom in, you will also see the note name.
    But unfortunately, this does not work in the IN PLACE MIDI track editor on the arrange page…shame - actually it would be very useful when aligning MIDI notes to live played audio tracks, eg. adding a MIDI snare to a real one to make it really blast! :frowning: