Vertical zoom with mouse Mac slow and jumpy

Horizontal zoom is smooth and fast. The new vertical zoom is so strange. Takes a second to register the mouse scroll and when it does it zooms vertically extremely laggy and jumpy. Seems to expand in large increments, rather than a lot of little ones.

Using an apple Magic Mouse 2.

Also on this topic. Is there a way I can just utilise this type of mouse? With logic and reaper, I can just use the one keyboard modifier and scroll side ways for horizontal zoom and scroll up and down for vertical.

No one else is experiencing this?


This was one of the features that I was most excited about. It should have always been there and is kind of crazy that it’s even advertised as a new feature. It’s embarrassing it wasn’t always there. But is it’s implemented finally and it doesn’t even work properly.

I want to know if it is my machine or setting somewhere before I start blaming Steinberg though. So if it is indeed working for others, please let me know.

Am I the only one vertically zooming with a mouse on a Mac experience lurchy, delayed zooming? Horizontal is smooth as silk, vertical seems to jump up in increments.

Work as it should here. On Mac with Kensington Trackball

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Thanks for confirming. Must just be my machine then.