Vertical zoom with mouse wheel + key modifier

Please add vertical zoom with mouse wheel + key modifier.


mouse wheel: scroll vertically
mouse wheel + shift: scroll horizontally
mouse wheel + ctrl: zoom horizontally

mouse wheel + alt: scroll vertically with draw tool activated
mouse wheel + shift + alt: scroll horizontally with draw tool activated
mouse wheel + ctrl + alt: zoom horizontally with draw tool activated

i suggest that

mouse wheel + ctrl + shift: zoom vertically
mouse wheel + ctrl + shift + alt: zoom vertically with draw tool activated

That would be lovely. I had to sacrifice two keys for easy vertical zooming.

Yes indeed! I’m sure this has been requested many times before. ARE YOU LISTENING S T E I N B E R G !?!?

+1 makes perfect sense, always has done … yet still nothing…

Oh yes, agree! :smiley:

In addition, it would be awesome if these new tool modifiers could be customized in preferences too.

Yes, I’d love to see this function in Cubase!

This would be awesome! It would definitely improve workflow within Cubase.

Definitely +1… Don’t agree with that suggestion Ctrl+Shift+MW, I would rather see for example Alt+MW, but that can be solved by an option in preferences to be able to set it my own way. It’s a minor thing but a huge improvement in workflow and flexibility.


I come from logic and the zoom & scrolling behavior is so much better in logic. It is the only thing I really don’t like in cubase pro 9 and that slows down my workflow in a heavy way. Only after this works smoothly I will be able to fully ignore logic. So please Steinberg do it!!!


1+ PLEASE devs tell us if you plan to implement this

Hi has this been implemented? Whats the reason i’m unable to assign a function key with a mouse scroll to zoom vertically?

I can do this for zoom horizontially but not vertically?

I’ve tried to do this change in the key commands but it won’t recognise a mouse movement?

Am I doing something wrong or are Steinberg unable to program what seem like a kind of easy tweak to the software to allow this?

pls make it ALT mouse scroll on MAC. Every app uses that combination - not COMMAND scroll

this guy found a solution:

Soundflow is for Mac only, no Win10