Vertical Zoom with Mousewheel+Key

If you are on a Mac you can program this by using BetterTouchTool. Just use Alt and Mouse wheel up / down to trigger Cubase Shift H and Shift G. Works perfect.

Coming from the 3D graphics software world I can’t understand how such an important workflow feature for quick visual navigation is missing in a professional tool like Cubase. Please Steinberg, do something! :slight_smile:


I’m on mac. Decades ago I started programming my key commands to use option + arrows to zoom both horizontal and vertical incrementaly. It was more intuitive than G / H keys and easier muscle memory. I can do it with one hand without taking my eyes off the screen.

In recent years I’ve taken to using the magnifying glass tool with the standard mode (horizontal only) turned off so I can zoom in both horizontal and vertical. Then double click to go back to the previous view. I usually don’t need any other zooming techniques unless I’m trying to zoom OUT a massive project. Then my old “option + up arrow” work wonders.

All that said; zoom vertically with a scroll wheel modifier would be nice.
so, +1

+1, would be really useful

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Spent so long trying to figure this out before realizing it’s just not a feature. Seems so, so basic to be missing from software like this

yeah. to be honest its kind of absurd considering how easy it should be to add in.


Please read the OP before answering. VERTICAL!

As it been implemented?

Still not a feature. One of the most basic of basic features in a DAW - still not in Cubendo.