Vertical Zoom wth Mouse

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how do you scroll vertically with the Mousewheel. I found to do it with the little bar on the right bottom corner, only. I have to configure it in the settings maybe.

THX for help

I just click the top of the arrangement bar/beats strip and drag across. Dragging up and down lets you zoom in and out. Over all it’s pretty quick once you get used to it.

In saying that, you can program almost any button to anything. You could just program the button to the fast forward button and it will scroll across for you when you hold it by going into Key Commands.

You can do it with the mouse but it won’t be easy. You could use something like X-Mouse Button Control for Windows (which is free) and make the scroll wheel send a keyboard shortcut/key for down and a key for up. Then program those keys for fast forward and rewind in Cubase’s Key Commands menu. Then you will have something like a scroll left and right by using the mouse scroll button.

Or you can look into buying a used Steinberg CMC-TP, or a CC121 or an Avid Artist Transport or Euphonix MC Transport. Those last two have big job/shuttle wheels which is the Ultimate Scrolling Mouse!


horizontal works so far. How do you zoom vertical (Width of tracks) with the Mouse?
Its a fast workflow which I am used to on DAWs, but can´t find a way in C10.5

THX again!

Believe it or not: Vertical Zoom with Mouse (scrollwheel) is still not implemented in Cubase…
A long standing wish for many Cubase users.

Hello Steinberg: It’s almost 2020. :sunglasses:

THX for your straight answer. I stop searching now…DAWs are regarded by me as tools organizing ideas and saving production states. Some are pretty good though and are getting better over time. But Music´s first, always. Working around is okay.

Some overall questions for my first touch in Cubase:

Can you save zoom locations on the number pad? (jumping to a particular area)
What about grouping tracks for editing: Drums, Keys, Guitars, Vox (making them (in)visible, too) at once.

A good thing is the chance to work on individual clips alone in same track, as far as I could figure out yet.
Is it true that you need Nuendo for VR rather than Cubase (…and why?) I use the spatial tools from NewAudioTechnology…

THX again, even the topic is getting a little broader, of course in this thread. Just starting out

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As far as I remember, someone made an Autohotkey script for Nuendo doing exactly that. Google is your friend :slight_smile:

Yes,you can jump to a particular area using markers and the numbers pad, (but it doesn’t alter the current zoom setting, just moves the cursor to the marker position)

For managing different groups of instuments in the project window, folders can be helpful. For instance with all the vocal tracks in one folder you can open and close them all with one click, and group editing of multitracked parts such as drums or guitars is a breeze using folders (except there’s no group edit by audio warping, grrr…). I guess you could hide + unhide the folder if you wanted, but I’ve never tried.

There is also zoom men ( puts the current zoom level and play cursor position into memory)
And zoom zap ( recalls the above)
These two commands are not assigned to any keys, you would have to do so yourself.


I’ve sent emails, and more than a handful posts here on the forum over the years to request this. It would be SO EFFICIENT if Cubase could zoom with the mouse vertically as it does horizontally. In Logic it is great for workflow speed to simply hold down Option and drag your finger on the mouse surface or track pad to zoom in and out.

Is the cursor position combined to the zoom level. That would not help. I would need multiple zoom stages. Not to forget: It serves as a workaround for simple standard mouse zoom function.


Yes the cursor is also put in memory so to speak.
Maybe not what you want, but helpful when zoom tracks exclusive “z” or any other radical zooming ,and you quickly want to get back to your normal track heights etc…
Also useful while in playback, to quickly repeat the same.
Having a controller next to my keyboard with 16 keys for my most used zoom needs :slight_smile:

In an ideal world, this would not be necessary, but it is really fast to work with.