Vertically center staff label between 2 divisi staves

I read Josh’s recent post on the subject, but this is all a little overwhelming to me so I thought I’d simply ask. What’s the best way to make a divisi staff label center itself vertically between the two staves it is labelling? Right now I’ve made two unnamed section parts, made a group with the label I want displayed, and it vertically aligns with one staff or the other, but not in between. Is there a non Engrave Mode way to do it? Thanks.

Attachment for reference.

You can group solo instrument labels (but not section instrument labels) in Engraving Options / Staff Labels.

For Section players, don’t make two separate section parts. Do Edit / Staff / Change Divisi (or select the staff, right-click and go to “staff”) to make two divisi staves, and you will get the centered label automatically.

Bear in mind that if you use Divisi, then the instrumental parts will contain both staves. There may be a canny way of hiding one of them, but I don’t know what it is.

This made me go in again and try, because I felt it wasn’t doable the first time. Turns out in the divisi maker, I wasn’t making the group properly. I didn’t understand you make 2 section players, then highlight both, then push make group, then apply the label to the group icon. I had my group attached to only one part, thus the centering issue. Thanks!