Very basic notation design


I have for years been looking for an notation program that can make a design like the attached, or similar. I need that for teaching (10-11) young kids that have absolutely no knowledge about music. I have former used Indesign, Publisher or similar, which seems weird being surrounded with VST software. Is that possible with Dorico?

I’d say yes you can. But beware : it’s going to look really good :wink:
I think that’s even something you should achieve with Dorico Elements, which is really cheaper than pro version. But you won’t access Engrave mode, which makes InDesign unnecessary. You should try Dorico, there’s a 30 days trial available!

How about this?

Thank you guys, I’m convienced :slight_smile:

How did you do that Craig?

I used a Snare Drum which gave me the single line staff. Since you only need slash rhythm, this works well.
I made a 4/4 time sig and hid it. Then, used the invisible clef.

For the labels, it can be done a couple different ways.

  • The easier way is to disable staff labels and then use system text. This is best done when all other layout is finished.
  • The other way is to assign multiple instruments to the Player and change the labels. This way is nice because the label will always display right where you need it.

Alignment of staves was adjusted in Engrave mode.

Thank you very much