Very disappointed with Audio Alignment

When cubase 10 came out I upgraded from cubase 7 to cubase 10 primarily for the audio alignment feature.
But sadly the audio alignment is not performing well at all. It works ok for aligning short segments, that’s are under 5 seconds or so. But fails at long parts.

I’ve seen how well SynchroArts Revoice Pro performs. And even used it few times at a big studio, it aligns multiple tracks that are 3* minutes long without single glitch.

Hmm. I agree that Audio Alignment could do with improvement, but as it’s right there in the Project Window it’s very quick to try and if you don’t like the result it can just as quickly be undone.

I use Synchro Art’s Vocalign regularly too, and although it generally works better than the the Cubase offering, I can’t say that it is perfect. If I could reliably get it to align muliple long parts accurately every time I’d be happy, but It often still requires a bit of work to get a decent result.

my experience is that vocal alignment works very well with vocals I record in my own studio, but works pretty poorly when I get sent multiple takes from others.

maybe the are processed in some way, but that is my experience on it so far. It’s a very very useful tool when it works as expected. I hope Steinberg continue to develop the feature for the future

And for that kind of quality, you’ve got to pay for it. :slight_smile: Dedicated developer skills and talent, day in, day out - meaning currently £416 GBP that I’m seeing…

The Audio Alignment tool in Cubase, (now) works ok for my needs I find. It certainly has got better since it first came out. And I agree with @Glenn in that it really can depend on the source material - I too have seen mixed results from some files I’ve been sent to work on. My solution (as you have found out) has been to work with smaller and smaller ‘chunks’ of the audio at a time, til I get happy… :wink:

More improvements would be welcome, but such as it is, it does save me time (and its free.!).

Remembering how VariAudio has progressed over time we will hopefully see much improvements in Audio Alignment as well. Probably it’s not the top priority as a function of a complex DAW but I’m sure it will go it’s way too…