Very good tutorial series on Groove Agent 5

Here is a link for a very good and in depht video tutorial series on Groove Agent 5 with Anthony Chisnall. Groove Agent 5 is sometimes daunting and complex and this series explain all the bolts and nuts of that fantastic software. Check it out!



His tutorials are brilliant.

Thank you for posting this! Love Groove Agent and always finding something new…been watching Dom Sigalas tutorials and learned a lot from him as well…really happy to find everything grouped together in the playlist you posted…MJ

Agree, awesome videos ! His knowledge is outstanding, best in-depth videos I’ve seen. Highly recommended !

Thanks for the tip.

Seems to be a great tutorial serie.

OMG! THANK YOU, Joss! I know there is gold hidden in Groove Agent, I’m just not the best at panning for it. This series is brilliant.

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