Very heavy issues with Nuendo 7.1.20 Windows 10

Hello there, I’ m going crazy.
Since I had an important job the last months, I decided to update my old Nuendo 5.5 to the latest vesrsion.
It had problems shutting down quite often and I blamed it on the old version.
Now, having everything new on a more or less new Windows desktop, with a new RME card, new M-Audio Midi Interface and a new Midi Keyboard, I experience crazy crazy errors and it’ s frustrating to throw all that time in a bin not being able to work properly, means: It is simply impossible to keep a normal workflow.

Following things occure regularly:

1.The bug that Nuendo is not shutting down is stil there. The problem is, I can not shut down the program from the taskline, neither from the Task manager. It needs a Shut Down or hard reset. The problem also occures if I have no project running, so it’ s not an outdated plug in or any other setting in my projects.

  1. It happened before, but since the update on 7.1.2, it hangs up on initializing quite often at the point “All Midi Inputs”.
    The only way to solve that, is to shut down everything including electricity to reset keyboard, midi interface and soundcard. - With a bit of luck it does the job until next time…

  2. Just now it lost my custom plugin folders and it was only taking me 1 hour to get back my normal folder of 64bit plugs. It seems crashing on the 32bit folder, but I will try it and dream around until the things are scanned.

This is frustrating if you just want to use your expensive software on an expensive working machine with expensive plug ins and just paid 600 EURO for an update to be sure it works smooth…


It’s a complete shot in the dark, but my bet is on faulty midi drivers. Maybe it’s worth a try uninstalling the M Audio stuff and trying with RME midi only.

Sorry, to hear about your problems, but it is the first time I hear of those faults.
On our systems Nuendo 7.1.20 runs quite smoothly. MIDI, VSTi, FX and folders are reliably accessible.
As Oli said, a driver prob could be causing that… Not easy to figure out.
Btw., I am also on RME. Those drivers are amongst the most reliable of the lot.
M-Audio were not. At least, never were over here.
Hope you get it fixed,a.s.a.p.

Cheers, Big K

For sure, trash your Preferences, if you have not already.

I would also consider rebuilding templates if you are working from old ones.