Very high gain setting on UR22mk2 is necessary for condenser mic

I have to set the gain at 8-9/10 to get a reaonable audio input level recording about 8" away from my AT4040 condenser mic connected to a low z XLR cable… Phantom power is turned on, pad switch on the mic is set to 0dB and low cut switch is on.
I know this problem was the forum before but I didn’t see a resolution.
Help please.

If this is the case either

  • phantom power isn’t actually on
  • the mic or cable is defective
  • the gain has been reduced somewhere else in the signal chain

How do you check if the phantom power is really on aside from the light coming on?

test the mic elsewhere or check the device with a different mic
but has

I don’t have a ready option to test the mic elsewhere and I don’t have another mic.
Thanks for your reply, though.

I do not understand why you have not addressed the third point.

What exactly is your expectation?
And what is an low z XLR cable? Unbalanced?
Then phantom power will not work like it should.

Steve/Steffen: I took my set-up to the store where I bought it and they tested with a different mic, cable, and input port but no change in the required gain. I didn’t use a different interface because I didn’t want to download the drivers. They did offer me a 30 day trial of a different interface which I may consider. They confirmed my expectation of a gain setting of around 2 to 3 o’clock (~6/10).
A low z cable is a low impedance cable which should work with a low impedance mic like the AT4040.
Thanks to both of you for your follow-up.

The unit is defective, and you should return it for a refund.

Saying it is a Lo-Z cable is redundant. You can just say XLR mic cable.