Very high latency

I’ve been wondering where does this latency come from. My buffer size is 1024 samples and device setup says that the output latency is 23ms, but when I try to play something it sounds like the latency is actually more close to 200ms, atleast 100ms. It doesnt seem to matter whether I use my east west libraries or for example groove agent one (included with cubase).

Antec Sonata III silent case, Asus P5Q motherboard
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2,83Ghz, 4x2Gb DDR2 800 MHz RAM
4x WD Caviar black 500GB 7200RPM 32MB
Windows 7 professional 64bit
M-AUDIO KEYSTATION 49E, Fostex studio monitors + Behringer ufo 202 USB Audio Interface
Cubase Studio 5

I’ll be happy to give more info as needed.

And that is in an empty project with no plugins, or a fully mix with lots of plugins…?

I wouldn’t be expecting any miracles with what you are using for an interface. You should consider getting something with a dedicated ASIO driver. Are you using ASIO4ALL?

You say 23ms for output latency. What is it showing for the input?

-The problem happens with an empty project also.

-I’m not using ASIO4ALL. Just the drivers that were installed with cubase. ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver, it says. I don’t have any inputs active so it shows 0ms for input latency. Right now I’m just testing with Cubase’s virtual keyboard but the problem occured also with a usb-midikeyboard. Also I had the same issue with EDIROL UA-1EX interface.

Interesting… I tried to change the asio driver to “behringer usb audio” or “generic low latency asio driver” and both seem to cure the problem. However, I loose control over output volume. Changing it from windows doesnt do anything, it is just maxed. How can I turn it down if I’m going to use either of those? Also havent tested it with larger projects yet to see if I get performance issues.

Try using this ASIO driver >

Edit… I see you have already found it.

You need a volume control!!!

I would really need to access the volume trough software, not with any physical controller. Sure I could just use the master fader for that but I’d rather save it for automating fade outs and such. Is there any other way?

Thanks for the replies by the way.

Not in CS5 In the full cubase you get the control room that has a separate volume fader.

Maybe look for a gain plugin that you could put on insert 8 and remember to switch off before exporting a mix!

Or for a cooler and good solution, one of these or simmilar.

I’ll propably go with the gain plugin untill I decide to upgrade my cubase. Thanks for the tips.