'Very High' Power Usage. Cubase 11, Windows 10

Task manager in Windows 10 is telling me that I have ‘Very High’ Power usage when using Cubase 11. There is the occasional stutter in bigger projects, with the possibility of a crash, and the screen going black for a few seconds.

I’m guessing it’s either the computers’ PSU, or the ancient graphics card, or both. Does anyone have any input on this…? Anyone experienced the same thing…?

It’s a 300w PSU, but when plugged into a Wattmeter, and running the project that likes to crash, my PC only seems to be using about 50w.

When the audio stutters / drop-outs happen, there doesn’t appear to be anything telling in the Task Manager - no spikes of the CPU or GPU or SSD or RAM, so not really sure what’s causing it. Maybe I’m reading too much into the ‘Very High’ power usage thing…?

Just gonna bump this one time incase someone who might have some input missed the thread.

The situation is similar. In a heavy project, it freezes and writes: "high power consumption"Can it be possible to change the settings in the bios?

Cubase 12 Pro / Straight Power 11 Platinum 1000W / Intel Core i7 12700K / SAMSUNG M323 DIMM DDR5 16GB 4800 MHz x 4 - (64 GB) /AMD Radeon RX 6750 XT

I decided to replace my hard drive with an SSD, and that seemed to really help bigger projects to run without stuttering.

So I still have the same old power supply and graphics card.

The SSD seemed to be the solution to my problem.

Maybe the problem has nothing to do with ‘high power usage’.