VERY interesting partnership between NI and Softube...

Just when I thought I didn’t need any more compressors, NI team up with Softube:

Which seems to be going directly head-to-head with the iK Multimedia Black 76 & White 2A release. Softubes involvement has really piqued my interest though, their FET Compressor is also based on the Urei 1176 - although it looks more like an 80’s hi-fi. It’ll be interesting to demo the two…

You probably already know this, but (just in case you don’t) the VC 76 is based on the Urei 1176, the VC 2A is based on the Teletronix LA2A and the VC 160 is based on the DBX 160 - all thoroughbred vintage studio classics.

And Softube are reknown for their attention to detail when it comes to emulating classic hardware, really hope they’ve used the same algos in the 76 as the FET goes off to download FET demo

Then, just when I thought I didn’t need another tape saturation emu…


Hmmm, I’d better retract that or at least say “allegedly” as they make no reference to the 1176 on their website
apart from:

“When creating FET Compressor, Softube set out to make the most accurate emulation of the most famous solid state compressor.”

And the fact that the Ratio Options are 1, 4, 8, 12, 20 and most importantly All (being the dead give-away).

Damn! Not quite what I was hoping for, the Vintage Collection definitely delivers the vibe of the originals but comparing the VC 76 to the FET? No contest.

The FET just has that X Factor, hard to describe - I guess there’s a lot more oversampling going on under the hood - along with modelled saturation, most noticeable on the kick (more rounded with the FET). Reeally fiddly to dial in the exact same settings with the FET and the 76 though.

Don’t get me wrong, the Vintage Compressors sound great but the FET is in a whole other league - it sounds amazing. I guess I really should be comparing the VC Collection with the iK Multimedia Black 76 & White 2A, but now I don’t really care… just want the FET :smiley:

After days of trying I couldn’t get a direct comparison of the FET & 76 as the controls are wildly different.

The 76 and DBX have a great ‘modern’ snappy sound, (great for electronic drums) and the FET has a more ‘vintage’ vibe, which is great for weighty bass and kicks. I must say I’ve mainly been trying them on drums as I was interested in the ‘All Buttons In’ modes…

Although the 76 gives the sound I was looking for originally, I’ve since fallen in love with the Softube Mix Bundle - I think it will be my next prurchase as the little reverb TSAR-1® unit & 3 colourful EQs sound quite lush.

… did I mention the FET is VST3 & therefore can be side-chained as easily as the Cubase compressor? :smiley:

Hi, just to say, you’re not being ignored :wink: . I’m reading with interest.


Tried out these in the demo mode, nothing for me there more than that can already be done with stock Cubase plugins.


@ MarkE - thanks for that! Seriously! Nice to know I’m not just thinking aloud :smiley:

@ Hippo - Yes, the Vintage Comps just sound like plug-ins, but the other Softube Comps sound amazingly like hardware.

Really want the ST Mix Bundle now (roll on payday)…

Just a quick update - I ended up buying the Softube Mix Pack in the end and couldn’t be happier. Really recommend it to anyone looking to make their mixes sound less ‘In-The-Box’ (I won’t say phat/analogue/warm :smiley: )

The FET sounds great, adding analogue saturation the harder it’s pushed.
TSAR 1® reverb has exactly the same gorgeous sound as the full version, just fewer controls.
The Passive EQ is great on bass, the Active EQ good at pulling out snares & hats and the Focussing EQ is genius with lucious sweepable filters.

I also bought the MPX too…