very long load time on all project since 10.5.12 update


i did the update for 10.5.12 from C10 at the start of March.
no new plugin, no modification whatsoever, just the update on the computer side.

On the other side, i am working from home for a month, so i have some midi controller & interface missing ( motu express midi 128, 2 controllers )
and usually it freeze on this midi ports missing notification or on some of the last kontakt instruments ( but not the last ones )

i have a big worksation and a server ( NAS ) that host project folders / soundbanks / cubase project folders.
config is same as in studio, Computer / Gigabyte switch / server, no internet connection

my template is not super heavy, but i have 16G in RAM once loaded,
all instruments plugins turn off, all samples purged
i have 95 vsti loaded
all ressources intensive plugins turned off ( convolution rev etc… )

i run the engine @ 64 bits, and i do still have jbridge, and some bridged plugins in my template.

i know this can come from so many factors,

but how / where to investigate ?

because, before it was like 5 to 10 min depending of how the project was big to load.
now an empty project is like 10 minutes minmum to load…

i’ve just loaded my work template via > create new project = >>> 14 minutes…

tried the same thing on C10 ( which i still have installed on the very same computer, with my last C10 work template ) = >>> 5 minutes

i need help :wink:


i saved my template on the computer, and tried to re-open it from there
same thing… around 15 min to open the project

As i am doing some backups, presets saving, etc…
i just spent some 2H30+ waiting yesterday because of this…

is there any way of monitoring startup / freeze state / startup log ?

this is really annoying from a professional POV !

i found this post by @martin.jirsak

“If Cubase doesn’t crash, if it hangs, use Microsoft ProcDump utility to generate a DMP file, please.”

i’ll try it later on

i would love the forum moderators or experts on the subject ( which i am not ) to make a sticky / locked topic at the top of this issues subforum with :

  • procedures to get crash dumps on Moc Osx / Windows
  • how to read crash dumps
  • this kind of info above
    … and any helpfull info / procedure / toolkit that can help,
    all in one place, easy to find :wink:

Mac: macOS Console utility > User Reports folder (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps