Very low volume when recording notes

More than half the time when I want to record live from my keyboard into dorico, which is most of time, Dorico all of the sudden lowers the volume of the instrument I’m recording so low that it’s virtually silent and I have to step record intstead. It seem like a buggy thing rather than something I’ve done, but I’m wrong all the time about stuff, so it could be me.

Does this affect all instruments, or is it more typically a problem for instruments that use a MIDI continuous controller for dynamics (e.g. sustaining instruments like woodwind and brass), rather than velocity-driven instruments (e.g. piano or other non-sustaining instruments)? What playback template are you using?

It hasn’t happened with piano come to think of it,
It happens with strings, horns, woodwinds.
The template is HSSE +HSO (Pro)

I’m using the demo mode on a macbook 10.15.

Thanks for getting back. It’s always been really helpful!

You should find that Dorico chooses a reasonable dynamic by default when you record in real-time, equivalent to mf, but if that’s not happening, try adding an explicit dynamic to the staff you’re recording on. If you have a modulation wheel on your keyboard, try pushing that up a bit, since the sustaining instruments in HSO all use modulation to control dynamics.