Very much crashes!

I cant work normally, very much crashes. What i need to do?

Cubase 8.0.30/ Multi Processing is power ON, Asio-guard - too, level - hight.

Lynx E44, driver Version 2.0 Build 23 August 27, 2015
Core i7 4770k @ 4.1 Hyper Tr.
Asus Z97 ws
32 GB @ 2100 mHz
256 gb Sumsung 850 PRO
1024 gb Sumsung 850 PRO
AMD FirePro W5100

Arturia Keylab 61


Are you useing some 3rd party plug-ins?

When do you have these crashes?

What is 3d party plugins? Sorry, but I don’t understand…

I mean any “non-Steinberg” plug-in effects or instruments (VST or VSTi).

Yes, i use. waves mercury, NI Complete 9 and other

In this case, please update your Waves. There was very important fix on their side.

I have 9r29 version of pack

Is it the latest one?

lates is 9r30, but difference from mine one is just one new plug-in, no other changes.

I would recommend to update anyway. :wink: I don’t know, where was this fix exactly.

So…its not solved my problem…

I’m sorry.

Could you send a crashdump (maybe via PM)?

Yes, I can, but later. Via PM-it’s driver?

By PM I mean via Private Message here on the forum. But you can also use any sharing services of course. I just realised, it’s not possible to send this kind of attachements via this forum. Use any sharing service, please, and send me the link via Private Message.