VERY old aif and CPR files need help converting

Hello, thank you so much for helping!
Starting in 1997, I used Cubase exclusively for years and years for everything from music to sound design for film. Then (around 2005), because of work, I had to use other programs and kind of just moved away from it. I was recently found an old external hard drive I had forgotten about which has some really great music that had kind of fallen down that same rabbit hole. I purchased Cubase Elements 11 the other day and trying to work with these files but have run into two issues.

  1. there is a crackling static on almost every track. I know it is not the recording because some of these songs were actually finished at the time and no such noise is on the final product.
  2. When I open CPR, Cubase, I get a message for each track which says, "Track ‘Audio 01’ has a linear timebase. If you change the project tempo, the events will not follow. This Program version does not allow you to switch the time base." Then when the project is opened, it is sped up and RE-SAVED at the accelerated speed.
    I use a Macbook Pro 16 (late 2019) with Big Sur 11.4 installed.
    Any ideas on how to fix these issues?
    Thank you so much,
    IX Mendoza

Hi and welcome on the forum,

  1. Try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size, please.

  2. Make sure, your projects’ Sample Rate matches your Audio Device Sample Rate, please.

Problem 1: Check the audiofiles in a wave player? The project should set the correct sample rate. Of course your buffer size needs to be adquate to perform proper playback.

Problem 2: the pro version allows you to switch the timebase. You could maybe use a trial version of the pro version to perform the settings.

I vaguely remember issues about ‘very long time ago’ backwards compatibility. It could be that opening and resaving the sessions with an older version of cubase might help.



Changing speed of the audio cannot be caused by the timebase settings. It could be (in theory) the Musical Mode (this one does really stretch the Audio), but Musical Mode is part of any Cubase edition. Musical Timebase is about the Event/Part start position. If it’s bind to the Bars+Beats or to the time.