Very old installation CDs, manuals etc

I have complete with original packaging installation cds with manuals etc, update cds etc for Cubase and Wavelab and a number of software manufacturers such as Native Instruments, Spectrasonics etc etc. Do people collect these? Or are they just rubbish with no value now to be chucked in the garbage?

Hard to say what people collect these days.

I still keep the Cubase 6 manual, the last printed one. Everything else is electronic (CDs & DVDs are converted to ISOs). Unless they are of sentimental value, I’d suggest you sell them online (perhaps even giving them away for free, or with post & packaging paid by the recipient ) and the last resort should be chucking them in the garbage.

I don’t think there are any rules about asking here on the forum whether people are interested in the Steinberg products.

Thanks for the replies. I’m not looking to make money out of these - as mhazdra said it’s hard to say what is collectable. I don’t have any sentimental attachment to them but at the same time it seems sad to throw them away, I’ll wait and see if anyone shows any interest otherwise I fear I’ll just have to chuck 'em. We are preparing to move house so we are going through all our stuff to see what really needs to come with us and what doesn’t. I haven’t finished going through all of these cds and manuals but the earliest one I’ve seen so far is Cubase 3.7. I’ve been a Cubase user since the Pro24 days and probably about the same time using Wavelab.

Hello. I’m need and being very happy

I’d flip it around and pretend you are someone that is looking to collect what you’ve got. Go searching for it online and you’ll likely find out if anybody else is hawking similar stuff or not.

Great idea raino thanks

If you list what you want to give away here, we can add links to this post from the other areas (Cubase, WaveLab etc.) because not everyone hangs around in the lounge :expressionless:

Thanks MrSoundman will do - it will take me a little while as I’m still going through all my stuff but I will put up here what I have :+1:

Hello everybody.
I’m can take everything you have. Thanks

Just curious, so don’t feel compelled to answer. But why do you want stuff without knowing what it actually is?

This seems like it might settle the collectability question.

I have started to use Steinberg and Native instruments software long time ago.
My first software and hardware was

And this our latest album which was made with Steinberg Cubase and Wavelab in our Studio in the Stockholm Sweden.:sweden:

Have nice day. Listen and comment of your choice.
So we collect everything in our Studio. And putting everything to our music wall.
Best regards.