Very quiet....

I fully agree with the frustration of sifting through bugs and issues that seem to be magically appearing and disappearing. For example, last week I couldn’t get Nuendo 5.1.1 to recognize an EDL from Final Cut. It just didn’t see the .EDL as the file it was. Then, one day, it just magically recognized it and imported it just fine. I didn’t change a single thing in Nuendo or the operating system.

Things like this seem to be happening more and more and while I love using Nuendo and the feature set for post production it needs to become as stable as PT.

Steinberg folks…if you’re listening (or reading) focus on adding fewer tiny bells and whistles and focus on making the core components rock solid. Nuendo is intended to be a post production tool and is used in facilities charging high hourly rates. It gets awkward turning to a client and saying to them for the second time in their session “sorry about the delay, I have to restart the program. Oh, and that last take take from the high-priced voice over talent? Yeah, we lost that one. Can he do it just like that…again?”


Forget for 5 seconds that I am moderating here …

I have to disagree strongly with you that Nuendo is to blame for every hickup in your system.
We have 5 systems running, 14 hours a day, and we never-ever have to tell the client to “be patient” because we have to reboot. If “magical” stuff happens, then most likely it is not the application, but the system. And you have a hard time talking me into the problem that it supposingly is Nuendo that doesn’t recognizes an extention.

So does that mean that I am right, and that there are no issues with the application?
Not at all.
It is a much incorrect as blame all issues on Nuendo.


Hi Fredo,

If you have 5 systems running 14 hours a day and you never-ever have to reboot in front of a client I may have something wrong on my systems or you have found the “perfect system” please post your specs.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards.

i7 x980 @ 3.33Ghz, 12 MB RAM, Win7 64 bit.
Our 6th machine is an old Q6600 on a Tyan motherboard, which we had many problems with.
(In short, the MB only supports Win7 with the one-but-last BIOS of the MB -go figure)
And our 7th system is a variety of laptops, from a cheap ASUS to a HP Elite Notebook.

Not saying that we never have problems, but at least no issues that “come out of nowhere” and require a re-launch of Nuendo. The only time when we have to re-launch Nuendo is when our Filemaker Pro is stuck (locks up other applications too) and when the Google toolbar freezes Explorer during Copy/paste (repeatable on all our systems)

So, again, I am not saying that there aren’t any problems, we suffer from the same bugs as anyone using Nuendo.
But instability is not one of them. Our systems are rock solid.
And in my books it is thanks to the people who build our systems.


I have a question for the officials:

Other than “Nuendo Inside”, how do you get user opinions about what changes they wish to see in Nuendo?

I’m asking because:

  1. I haven’t received any other request for information. No emails, no phone calls… nothing.

  2. There’s about 15 people posting in the section. I’m not sure how one would calculate the weight of the opinions of 15 people. But my personal opinion is that it’s a VERY small sample (or is the userbase by now THAT small?).

I think you have have to ak yourself if this is the best use of time?

Use of my time, or best use of Steinberg time?

Fredo’s much larger expansion nailed it.

Additionally, when I first came to these forums I didn’t know jack about Nuendo - I had just bought it. OK, not completely true - I read the manual and tested out every feature I knew I would need to use, and then I came here ( or a few “there’s” ago) to find out more and to get answers when I got stuck.

I can remember some really helpful people: Non, Deitz - those two come to mind. Non knew everything arcane - no strange problem had he not seen and new the answer to. Oh, and Maq - Andre Maquera - he was my “what’s up with WAVES” guy. Deitz gave me my first “RTFM” - and he was right - sort of. :sunglasses:

And there were the handful of Dan’s - wonder what Dan Duskin is up to - he was young and quite talented. I expect if he stuck with it, he’s doing great - even if no longer on Nuendo. Which is a great point - this software is just a tool - don’t freak out about it or get too caught up in it. If it isn’t working for you, move on for you own sake.

This was Nuendo 1.x and I just don’t recall all the complaining and bits that cropped up in the N3/N4/N5 forums. It was more about users helping each other - a User Forum - as it is, and not some venue to hope to rant to Steinberg about “how they should write the app”, “how they should market the app”, “how they should package the app”, “how they should promote it”…and on and on and on. Things I think people who are getting work done just don’t have time to or need to worry over. And then there are the incessant comparers to other DAWs “that are better” - which I have never understood - not that one might think that, but if so then WTF - just use that DAW instead - that’s what I would do.

So it seemed we moved from the 1.x days of mostly professionals doing work and helping other people to get work done to a bunch of “Steinberg Employee Wannabees” second guessing and moaning about every little thing.

Then there are the “it’s full of bugs” crowd - and like Fredo, I run my system for very long days- 8 hours or more and I have rarely had a hiccup and when I have, it was due to hardware and not Nuendo - not just Nuendo 5, but EVERY version of Nuendo I have had. People build oddball machines that would never get certified for Pro Tools, but then the lack of stability is compared to Pro Tools - wow! I go to the Digidesign site, and have for years, and pick out one of their approved systems and buy and run Nuendo on it. There is a serious way to approach running a business on computers and no serious business rolls their own computers.

So I see these numerous issues just dragging on and getting rehashed…and yes…it does become fatiguing.

As for “who” torpedoed the forum - duh? Really, if one has to ask, he haven’t been here in 2-3 years.

As for posting positively, I did when N5 was released and I felt drowned out by all the complaints.

Here’s one: I am looking forward to the N5.x updates that get us close to C6 - why? I have no idea actually; I have not even looked at C6, but I’m a sucker for new cool stuff, so bring it on.

I do seem some members here posting good answers to questions and helping out - maybe they are the new Nons, Dans, Deitz’s, Maqs…good to see…and I am 10 years into this now and possibly a touch jaded. FWIW, bugs that are posted and verified do get fixed - I have found scores and scores of the over the years and they are no longer here or I’d be livid. And new ones pop up - such is software…but I find N5 to be the best Nuendo yet and among the most useful DAWs on the market still. If there were something more suited to my workflow, you can bet your ass I’d be using it.

Wow, I just happen to hold the bill for Nuendo 1.x in my hands, lately.
Yes, it is 10 years, already…

Sir Bullmoon …
+1 to all what you said.
Very well put!

indeed, indeed…

this is my 1st visit here in almost a year, and 1st to this new forum… why you may ask??? LOL

nice to see some of the usual suspects here.

Kindest regards,

Rob Hill

Why don’t you enlighten those of us less privy as to who exactly torpedoed the forum .

Seeing these forums have started with a clean slate, I’d like to know who the culprits are.

…just when you thought it was safe to cross over the bridge… :open_mouth:


This swift stream a bridge did span
and a road across it ran
Max and Moritz ( naught could awe them! )
Took a saw, when no one saw them:
Ritze-Ratze ! riddle-diddle !
sawed a gap across the middle…

TechB: What would you do with that info?

Hello Rob, how are you?
It is actually quite a coincidence that we “meet” here… nice one, though…
Greets from Munich!

…and as we tumbled through the hole,

Cried please! Oh please! Don’t feed the troll!



Hey Bullmoon, your posts don’t carry the weight they used to with such a small post count ! lol.

There was a bloke from UK who moved to Cubase as well I forget his name now he may have been an “aggitator”

I can only recall the name LEX right now.

There was a bloke from UK who moved to Cubase as well I forget his name now he may have been an “aggitator”

Jake 68 ?

He hadn’t been active on the open forum since 2006/2007

I can only recall the name LEX right now.

LEX hadn’t been active for over 2 1/2 years !

How could they possibly be party to the decline and subsequent lack of contribution on this new forum !

Yes Jake68 !

Thats the guy, I thought he was quite ok.

I am not saying they were just mentioning a few names that I can recall from days goneby.

… but in the context of who scuttled the forum.

Still waiting on Bullmoons definitively list, I’ll be interested how it differs to mine.

If you continue like that, you make a fair chance to appear on that list.
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Hehehe … first I thought you were writing about me (with two inverted letters), but then, it can’t be me, 'cause I NEVER RTFMed anybody … or … did I …? cough

Actually I’m still here from time to time, and I still use and praise Nuendo (3+4+5), although not as often as in former years any more.

I have to admit that like many others, I don’t get the warm, fuzzy “being-at-home”-feeling any more in this new forum. This is strange, because the Nuendo-Forum survived one or two massive changes before … but not this time, obviously.

Let’s see - maybe it’s just a longer phase of getting used to a new environment. :slight_smile:

Kind regards to you, Bullmoon, and to all the remaining “oldtimers”. (… and all newcomers too, of course :wink: …)