Very sloooooowww to create/delete tracks

Create new “empty” audio track. It takes like a second. Maybe more, depending on ASIO Guard settings.

On other DAWs, creating a track is instantaneous. That also makes loading virtual instruments faster. Because that delay is also added to opening a virtual instrument. (It also creates a new audio track)

I believe this same delay, whatever the heck it is, appears before and after a Render/Export. It feels like Cubase is resetting its audio engine or ASIO or something, then continues to work, then when it has to put the audio to the new track, there you have the delay again!

Those who have time, please download the trials of other software, and see for yourself. Audio render/export is faster, and so is the creating/deleting of new tracks.

On the path to gapless audio, this is a huge obstacle and must be addressed.

If somebody else has this, please respond. Am I the only one? If so, definitely there’s something wrong here.

Please somebody, tell me they have this issue or not.