Very slow audio export problem

Hi everyone,

I recently upgraded from cubase 4 to 6 and am generally very happy with it. I’m running it on win xp even though I’m aware it hasn’t been oficially tested for it (on a 2.4ghz Q6600, 4GB ram). Everything works like a charm though except for when I try to export audio. Here I experience extremely slow export speeds. Even when running a small project with 10-15 audio tracks and trying to bounce about 10-20 seconds of audio with one or two effects takes upwards of 2-5 minutes to do. Obviously it can get rather frustrating. At the moment I’m circumventing it by recording tracks through a group, but I would like to get this thing under control as bouncing an entire project can easily take over an hour. Could this be a problem with xp? Or is there something else I should look into?

I would very much appreciate some help on this. Upgrading to win 7 would probably be the best, but at the moment I can’t afford it.

Otherwise I’m loving cubase 6, so I hope to get rid of this only nuisance :slight_smile:

running C6, on win 7pro_64, on a quad cpu, and the export is just as slow.
so far, for me, the fastest export has been the realtime option.

I’m running Cubase 6 on Windows XP, and export audio works all OK for me, it is always faster than real time, but it does seem to depend on what plug in’s are being used. For example, Native Instrument Kontact 4 seems to go quicker than say EastWest Play, and the UAD Precision limiter seems to slow it down, but what ever speed it goes at, it is always quicker than realtime.

I only run at 44.1KHz/ 24-bit, other rates may cause issues.