Very slow transfer to SL 7 in Nuendo

The transfer of smaller audio portions takes a very long time in Nuendo 10.3 to SL Pro 7.0.20. This was within a larger project for surround film mixing. The take was maybe 30 sec long and in stereo.
This way SL Pro 7 is barely usable in Nuendo. Is this better in Neundo 11? I just don’t want to upgrade in the middle of a project. (macOS 10.14.6)

I assume a demo of Nuendo 11 is available. The only way to satisfy your curiosity, it seems, would be to download the Nuendo 11 and test it.

Thank you, for this senseless answer.
There could already been some users with experience regarding this. Instead a clown is answering in an patronizing attempt…

In the meantime I upgraded to Nuendo 11 and the problem persists. Now with a portion not longer than 20 seconds in a stereo project.
It is easier for me to reveal the file in the finder and load it with SL 7 outside Nuendo. Of course ARA functionality is lost.
The transfer shouldn’t take so long, seems like a bug to me.