Very unstable Cubase 7

Hello there. Cubase 7 to me unfortunately seems more unstable at any time, than its predecessors.
In any careless work faster with a mouse, hangs and needs a reboot. I did not expect that Cubase 7 will be so bad. Please fix it. :blush:
thank you.

Did you allow Cubase 7 to create new preference files, i.e. by removing those which were copied from a previous version?

The complete absence of any meaningful detail means that it is almost impossible to help you. We
need system specs - hardware software etc.


Hello there. Cubase 7 to me unfortunately seems more unstable at any time, than its predecessors.

Cannot confirm this behaviour :wink:

Was updating from CB6.07 and afterwards copying the needed files (Artist mc control) without problems. Most of the settings from CB6.07 have been transferred to CB 7.01 automatically.

I’m running the system with CB 7.01 since more than a week without having any problems :exclamation:

Even the import of cpr-files made with CB 6.07 worked without problems.

Maybe I was just lucky :unamused:


I have Cubase 7 on my PC and it’s rock solid and every bit as stable as 6.5! From my perspective a great release for a major update.

I even have it on my iMac running Snow Leopard, which isn’t a supported OS and it runs perfectly (a surprise to me)

Can you include your system details?



Surely, I will try to give accurate information as soon as I get back home tonight.
thanks for the insights

I can confirm this behavior. :wink:

so … I worked on Cubase 6.5 without problems. I bought the upgrade Cubase 7 now working on it in an environment WIN8, 64 bit. Much use VSTi from Spectrasonics. Already in Cubase 6.5 I had to buy JBridge as native VST transferred him wrong. Now I actually have the same configuration in Cubase 7 and often happens to me, at Spectrasonics VSTi from where I put it or it somehow skillfully faster Subscribing to and from the track, Cubase starts to slow down until it becomes inactive, this means that if you click the mouse anywhere, not responding . Maybe that Cubase is better to remove and re-install the full installation and not use the upgrade. … do not know. This problem happens to me even at an accelerated completion of track and end DAW. Windows then generates errors and everything of late. I would like to look into Cubase error log file, but not know in it.
I have Win 8, 64bit, Pentium 4 core 8 gigs of Ram, but highly flexible PC.
Somehow it will …
thanks for the help.

I do not understand all that you wrote there, but have you tried NOT using the Spectrasonic plugins, and instead use one track with for example Retrologue (one of the built-in instruments) and see if you have the same problems?

I also understand that this is not ideal for you, but sometimes necessary in order to track down where your problems originate.

Cubase is reasonable stable over here, when using old vsti/vst things start going crazy, but it is fully explanable because it were plugs beneath version 2.3.

Jbridge brings 32 bit plugins within reach to C7, but if the version is below 2.4 I do not see any reason that the plugs would not behave the same and crashing C7.

When moving your mouse freezes your computer I would think that something is wrong with your hardware. Even though it worked yesterday with an older version doesn’t mean that something could not break in between.

Might the inbuilt VST bridge of Cubase be taking precedence?

Bright, also a good idea, I’ll try to padshop and Retrologue.
Sorry for mistakes in translation from Google translate :wink:

Have not considered this but could be a possibility, i have not used jbridge intensivly Because i do not own this product.